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Are you looking to purchase a home? Needing down payment assistance? Does your home need health and safety repairs like a new roof, new deck, HVAC replacement or other similar projects? CommunityWorks in West Virginia provides a range of loan options to low to moderate income individuals and families to assist them with their housing needs.

Home Purchase Loan

Home purchase loans are instrumental in turning the dream of homeownership into a tangible reality for individuals and families. These loans provide the financial means to acquire a property, offering a structured and affordable way for people to invest in their homes. CWWV offers purchase loans for low to moderate income families who are below 80% of the HUD income guidelines.

    • Loans up to $100,000

    • Subsidized interest rates

    • Terms up to 30 years

Down Payment Assistance

A down payment assistance loan acts as a financial lifeline for prospective homebuyers alleviating one of the primary barriers to homeownership –the initial down payment. This type of loan provides individuals and families with the funds to make a substantial upfront payment, often a challenging hurdle for those striving to enter the housing market. DPA loans aim to make homeownership more accessible, particularly for first-time buyers or those with limited financial resources.

    • Loans up to $30,000

    • Terms up to 30 years

Rehabilitation Loans

Rehabilitation loans serve as a crucial tool for individuals seeking to breathe new life into distressed or outdated properties. These loans provide necessary funds to renovate and revitalize homes in need of repair. CWWV provides rehabilitation funds to address health and safety concerns with a homeowner’s primary residence. This type of loan is not only beneficial for individual homeowners but also contributes to community revitalization by improving the overall quality and appeal of neighborhoods.

    • Loans up to $25,000

    • Terms up to 20 years

    • Subsidized interest rates

    • No Appraisal Fee*

    • No Legal Fee*

*No appraisal fees and legal fees are promotional offerings at this time. CommunityWorks in West Virginia reserves the right to end this promotion at its discretion.

HUD Income Limits -HUD Exchange